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I'll make you REMARKABLE.

I created Remarkable to build remarkable websites and help start-ups and businesses reach their audiences.

I am a developer that loves sitting behind the code and watching projects come together. I've consulted, developed, and worked with many teams, small and large, and helped them gather their skills to create amazing web-apps, sites, plugins, themes, and mobile apps.

With a strong focus on security, standards, and scalability, Remarkable will build you an experience that your users will be delighted to use.

Why Choose Us?

Creative Ideas

From implementation to features, we'll help you figure out which features are going to drive the most interest to your product.

Reach your Audience

Market research is only the beginning, we'll help you implement new ideas in ways that increase your traffic and interest significantly, with the correct groups of users.

Innovative Technologies

We use cutting edge technologies from server implementation to system backups. You'll be using the newest tools to help your site deliver a reliable experience.

Security conscious

XSS, SQL Injections, 0-Days, let us handle your security. We'll scan any codebase you currently have for exploits, we'll fix any backdoors, we'll find out if your code has been comprimised already, and we'll patch your systems to avoid any holes.

Blazing Speeds

We build sites to perform. Minimal http requests, minimized files, gzip compression, server-side and local cache configuration are just part of building good code. We can also help you set up a server with PHP-NG or HHVM to make sure that your server is performing to it's fastest abilities.

Mobile Responsive

What good is a website if it doesn't work when someone is outside of their house? We take mobile sites very seriously and will even help you customize your mobile experience for web-apps that require additional attention.

What people say?

I didn't know which direction to take our project and Nick helped me decide what would work best for our user-base. Now we can finally say we stand out from the crowd.

Phillip C. -Anonymous Project

What people say?

My site was completely broken when I woke up this morning, Nick got our site back running before I could send him an e-mail. That's what I call service!

What people say?

Nick moved my site to a new server, set me up with the newest tech, and did a code review for things that need fixing. Our customers no longer complain about the speed of our site.


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